About Us

High quality and creative activities for people of all ages and abilities.

Music, movement and art are more than just activities – they can transcend us to places we never thought possible; whether that’s physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally. They help us enjoy, express, explore, communicate, imagine, grow, share, collaborate and heal. They also unite us and enhance our humanity.

Here at New Rhythms For Glasgow, we believe that engagement in creative activity is integral to the development of happy, healthy and socially connected communities. We believe that everyone has the capacity and the right to participate in creative opportunities, regardless of individual characteristics or circumstances. We also believe that access to creative opportunities can dramatically change lives, which is why it is our mission to make them as accessible and empowering as possible.

Through our in-house and outreach programmes, we offer people the opportunity to develop their ideas and skills in a safe, encouraging and inclusive environment. Working with diverse communities across North Glasgow including (but not limited to) children and young people, vulnerable adults, families, the recovery communities and those experiencing economic disadvantage or challenging circumstances.


New Rhythms For Glasgow’s current programme is financially supported by:
Glasgow City Council, Awards for All, New College Lanarkshire & Voluntary Action Fund.