I am absolutely thrilled to be part of such a wonderful charity, who have a huge heart for people and the creative industries.

Our world now has an abundance of evidence that supports the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological benefits of engaging in creative arts. There is no denying that engaging in creative activities, such as music, movement and art has a profoundly positive impact on individual and community health, happiness and healing. The problem that most people have is accessing the creative industries and then being supported to nurture and strengthen their creative outputs. At NRFG we believe that engagement in creative activities can change people’s lives dramatically and we aim to make those opportunities as accessible as possible for everyone.

For me personally, movement has been the predominant creative tool that has shaped and enhanced my health and well being. It is the tool that I have used to enhance my own resilience and self-esteem, and it brings me great joy to share this skill and passion with other people. Who doesn’t secretly love a good dance?!

But, whatever your creative passion or interest is – movement, music or art, NRFG would love to support and hear from you.

Please drop me an email, or even better pick up the phone:

kirsteen@nrfg.org.uk // 07720625789

Peace! Kirsteen…

New Rhythms For Glasgow