High quality and creative music-making activities for people of all ages and abilities 

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Music is more than just a being in a band. Its about enjoyment, expression and exploration, communication and imagination. It can makes us feel happy or sad, motivated or calm or anything inbetween. It’s about collaboration and sharing, individuality and personal growth. Music can unite us and devide us. It takes to new and exciting places in our dreams and aspirations or brings us back home through our memories and relationships.

Here at New Rhythms For Glasgow, we believe that engagement in music and creative activity is integral to the development of happy, healthy and socially connected communities. That everyone has the capacity and the right to participate in music-making whatever their background or ability. And that music can transform lives for the better. That’s why we strive to make music-making available to all and why our primary focus is to help those who have the least opportunity.

Through our music education and outreach programmes, we offer people the opportunity to develop their ideas and skills in a safe, encouraging and inclusive environment. Working with diverse communities and people of ages across North Glasgow including (but not limited to) children and young people, vulnerable adults, parents and families as well as those experiencing economic disadvantage or challenging circumstances.

Our aim is to support people to participate in music making on their own terms, to strengthen community well-being and support professional development within the arts.

New Rhythms For Glasgow’s current programme is financially supported by:
Glasgow City Council, Creative Scotland, Spirit of Ruchill, Comic Relief, Glasgow Housing Association & New College Lanarkshire