Join our community choir for a creative route to health and wellbeing

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Improvements to confidence, stress levels and even smoking cessation are just some of the many positive changes reported by people who come regularly to take part in our group singing sessions.

With a mixed repertoire including new and original arrangements of popular songs, you don’t have to have an amazing voice to enjoy group singing– its all about having fun with songs you know (and maybe a few you don’t!)

Local Vocals community choir is open to anyone (over 18) who loves and wants to sing. Theres no auditions and no previous experience necessary. Sheet music and audio recordings are offered to support learning but songs are generally learned by ear. All classes are free to access and registration forms can be completed on the night.[/tx_column]
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Thursdays with Noel Bridgeman

Time: 6pm-8pm

Location nrfg studio: Flemington House, 110 Flemington Street, Glasgow, G21 4BF

Contact: nrfg on 0141 557 1123 or

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